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They love the children of the family, they are great pets. The Fila dog is gentle, loving, loyal and very protective.


- Temperament

Endowed with remarkable courage, determination and valor. He does not hide his hatred of strangers, nor his traditional meiguice, obedience and fidelity to the owners and their relatives. Consequently, in the cities, there is an inexhaustible guard of properties and, in the country, an excellent cowboy and hunter of large animals.
As a result of his temperament, in the expositions he does not allow himself to be touched by the judge (a stranger), and if he attacks it, such reaction should not be considered a fault, but only confirmation of his temperament.
In proofs of temperament, obligatory in expositions, after twelve months of age, their attack must be diagonally ascending, in front of the presenter, and without this of revealing dependence.

- Nervous system

Calm, serene behavior, revealing self-confidence and confidence, perfectly supporting strange environments and noises, such as parade shots, compulsory test at exhibitions, never shot less than five meters and always after the age of twelve months.

Determination and courage are part of
of its characteristics.

The Fila Brasileiro must have a strong temper, show courage and hate against strangers. At the same time he must also show himself kind to his owner. It will protect you and your family.

His natural instinct is to be loyal and protective to his family.